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Shampoodles is dedicated to making your pet feel as comfortable and have as pleasant an experience as possible during the grooming process. We treat your pet just like our own. Our gentle Christian groomers take special care to check for possible ear infections, flea allergies, skin problems, foxtails or other problems your pet might have that you weren't aware of. We have a Saturday Bath Special every Saturday of 25%.
Our full service Grooming Salon & Boarding Kennel is located in Anderson, CA
                      We groom all breeds of Dogs & Cats
Grooming can and should be an enjoyable part of every dog's life. At Shampoodles Grooming we recommend that you start them as early as possible so that your pet will grow accustomed to the various processes involved in grooming. We will teach your pet to stand on a table without being afraid. We will also help them get used to being brushed, bathed, nails trimmed, and the scary clippers. More than anything thing else we are developing a trusting relationship with your pet. As a new pet owner you can also help out by caressing your dogs ears and rubbing his legs and feet so that he won't be alarmed when we work on those areas.
Please realize that your dog should be groomed at regular intervals. Too many owners leave the dog for months between grooms, then wonder why they have to be shaved down. Regular grooming can prevent several problems including painful mats, skin disorders, excessive shedding, flea and tick infestation, and many other problems that can go unnoticed without a professional groomer.
Unfortunately, we see many dogs that are not being taken care of properly. In most cases the owner simply doesn't understand the effects of infrequent grooming. The following paragraphs will help to give pet owners a better understanding of why their dog should be groomed on a regular basis.
Clipping and Trimming Hair

Frequent hair cuts are even more important for dogs than for humans. Long hair breeds dirt, bacteria and is more prone to matting. In addition, long hair provides the perfect breeding ground for fleas, ticks, and other undesireables, which are a very common problem. We have seen many dogs come in for their yearly cleanup, only to find a huge hot spot that the owner was completely unaware of and embedded foxtails in the skin. Long nails and ear problems are also common.

Regular brushing is good for both the dog and the owner. One of the biggest complaints we hear about is excessive shedding. This problem can be significantly reduced by brushing your pet once or twice a week. Painful matts are another very common problem. If you encounter a matt you should use a dematting rake to carefully loosen the fur. Never attempt to cut the matt out with a scissors, as you can severely injure your dog. If your dog is matted, do not bath it. This only makes the matts tighter, and matts left unattended will get tighter and tighter until the hair is pulled right out of the skin. Needless to say, this is very painful for the dog. Finally, if you don't have the time to brush your dog regularly, bring it to us. For a nominal fee we will brush out your dog and keep him looking and feeling great. Check out our Shed Less Program.

Frequent bathing helps keep your pet's skin healthy and his coat clean and shiny. Bathing will also help to remove much of that unwanted hair that ends up floating around your house. This is where we find and distroy those pesty fleas and ticks. Last but not least, a dog that smells good will definitely get more affection and care.
Frequency of Grooming

How often your pet needs to be groomed depends largely on the breed. Shih Tzus, Poodles, Lhasa Apsos, Schnauzers, Yorkies, Maltese and many other breeds typically need to be groomed every 4-6 weeks. While we certainly have customers who go much longer between visits, these are usually the dogs that need to be completely shaved down due to excessive matting. We also encourage shaving your Labs, Pugs, Dalmations, Jack Russels and other short haired dogs that shed all year round. We call this the velvet clip. This will completely eliminate all sheding. As we all know, time goes by faster than we think so it's always good practice to schedule your next appointment when you pick your dog up from the groomer. We offer a 5 week program that gives you $5.00 off each groom for the course of the year.  We also offer a Saturday Bath Special where you save 25%.
Keep your pets smelling and feeling great between grooms.
3365 East St. #A
Anderson, CA 96007
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